Saturday, 12 January 2008

Every picture tells a story!

I thought you might like to see this picture.

There I was on Thursday night, alone with Lucy, wondering if I’d make it through the hours till Tom returned (around midnight) when I realised the cute scene below me (cute but poignant I suppose).

I was in my armchair - wriggling about on a pressure-relieving cushion, stretching restless legs (a nightmare since “the spasm”) as best I could - and there was Lucy looking up from under the commode in front of me.

Oh, that look melted my heart. And made me laugh.

So I reached for my new (not-used-to-it-yet) digital camera. And here it is, for all eternity: two captives of MS, isolated from their species but there for each other.

In fact, just to show how important Lucy has been to me through all this, I will now publish the post I was drafting before the spasm. With the cough, which may or may not have precipitated the muscles to contract.

Gosh, 2008 has been fun so far! I hope it’s truly going well for you.

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