Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Brevity, thy name is... my posts from now on

Ha! That’s a rash statement. A promise I may not be able to keep – made only of intention and, absolutely, no guarantee.

But I’m going to try. In fact you will see from the couple of entries before the Christmas one, I have already made a conscious effort. The Christmas post sadly went on much too long as the worst pain of the spasm did and the use of sedative herbs to counter it. I certainly don’t expect you to wade through that one – it’s only there as a memory really for me later on. But the couple before, plus the picure of Lucy under the commode (‘Every picture tells...’). Oh, I’d like you to see those.

Anyway, that’s the briefness of this one done. I only wanted to apologise for taking too much of your time – if you tried to keep up – and give you an assurance of shorter, more immediate, updates from this point on.

I really appreciate each of you for being there (and will try harder to respond when you write to me).

Take care, everyone.

Love, V x

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