Friday, 5 June 2009

Today I am thinking about warp-drive

"Planets forming Pleiades". Image credit: University of California.

Today I am thinking about warp-drive. Ah, some will say, Virginia’s got into Startrek – and, to some extent, they will be right. Others, who know more about physics/astronomy, theories of relativity and quantum things, will wonder if I’m thinking of space-time and travelling, faster than the speed of light (FTL). And they too, will be right – to some extent.

But I think I am writing this, not to talk to those who think those things (there are space forums for that which I’ll come to) but to call for help to you guys who know I should be dealing more with my – MS – situation: “reality”, as Tom puts it!

With the fact that the disease is progressing, I am becoming less able all the time; and, with the fact that I still don’t have carers. You know, real depressing stuff.

Ow, it’s no good. I can’t do that. Well, not when I’m only able to live for the day, anyway. And that’s what I’m doing. I mean – in my defence – how else can I get through from one dawn to the next, without any help other than, dear, Tom, still; and with no one following up my, myriad, ’phone calls on the subject. I’m trying to keep it cheerful and, more importantly, not boring or I really will go under – FTL!

Somehow the idea of writing my novel and it becoming a success, is more feasible and, it seems to me, much more likely than the idea of having any satisfactory Sociial Services (SS) “Care” where I am now.

So, I am trying to deal with it – the situation – in the best and probably only way I know how: by writing. After all, I earned a living with it before, why not now?

I am working (with my sci-fi novel, especially) towards being able to buy a new home, in a new area where I can employ private, live-in, PA/nurses.

The most far-fetched – as in: bizarre; unbelievable; warped - thing going on here is the behaviour of SS during the last year…

Now I know I can’t be the easiest, or most popular, client to have on your books but, really, I have a right (and what worries me is how many others must be in this welfare no-man’s-land as well) to Care. And, indeed, have been referred for Care by those “in the business” several times. This is inexcusable. Just look at the “Log”:

- July ’08 – social worker (s.w..), “H.” sends me letter telling me she can no longer represent me as she has been promoted; she will allocate new s.w.; she also lists things in the home the “live-in” agency would like implemented;

- Tom and I start to put the home “right”; T. the MS nurse, Link Line (panic button) officers and I begin on the myriad ’phone calls (someone rings at least once a month);

- December 16, ’08 – new s.w. allocated: “R.”; nothing at all from R., either by ’phone or mail; more phone calls from me;

- early May ’09 – I ring last agency and request prices on private care for a few hours a week; they do not follow up;

- May 18, ’09 – still not a word from R., I ring one day (T. in the meantime “bullying” as if it’s my fault – well, I admit I’m not keen because of perfume allergy but am/was willing to try again) and a supervisor promises she will get R., my “allocated s.w.”, to ring; not a thing, right up to the present moment…

And so it will go on, I presume, until such time as they do something; T. does something; I do publish and sell a novel, or the Good Lord decides to end it.

And meanwhile, forgive me, but I’m going interplanetary - to have fun and celebrate more of God’s creation (did you know, by the way, that one of the oldest observatories in the world is at the Vatican [and, yes, Catholics can accept evolution with the Creation]?). I’ll learn what I can about astronomy (it’s great for stretching the brain!) and chat to all the self-professed “nerds” in space forums. Hopefully, then, my novel will come together.

On where I am registered and try to take part, I have an avatar in the form of a cartoon astronaut. I love that image. There’s just one thing missing: yep, you got it, a little poodle!

“Come on, Lucy, get your suit on, we’re off…”

P.S. Of course, I won’t be able to go and see the latest Star Trek film (I hear it’s great) so, if any of you do, and would like to tell me about it, I’d love to hear from you.