Saturday, 5 April 2008

Self-indulgence, self-pity or both?

Before the “fun” piece I spoke of, dear reader, I ask you to humour me for the next two, short, posts [or ignore them – I wouldn’t blame you!]. The thing is, I got into looking at writing forums and emags. while the noise upstairs was going on and these are the result. Just some self-indulgent. self-pitying prose, slightly incongruous for this blog but, nevertheless, worth holding on to (to me!) for memory’s sake.

The mayhem eased on the 19th day. I won’t say ‘ceased’ for fear of tempting fate and, anyway, I doubt that it has.

And the reverberations (in my head, at least) continue, i.e. there must have been nerve damage and I feel weak, still a bit nervy and have been depressed.

But I promise I’ll move on soon.

Okay: ignore next two if you like...

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Anonymous said...

The noise must be more than unbearable ( Yes, I'm the one who points out the obvious!! ;o) and I wish I could have helped it cease sooner for you!