Monday, 24 December 2007

Happy Christmas!

Hoping this message finds you well.

I hadn’t had a cough since 1994 (and we MSers know how important it is to avoid them) but the last few weeks – ah! More on that later.

And, sadly, I’m still not photogenic, nor anything like it (I leave the self-portraits to those like Herrad and Merelyme who look so good – thanks for the blogs guys).

Plus, my new digi. camera is wrapped up for Christmas (“Love, Tom”!) so I can’t even pretend I’m still covering big stories for the ‘paper (Tom took this pic. but I’m always in the background “urging” on!).

In other words, a shambles.

But the love is there. And without further ado, Tom, Lucy and I would like to wish all Travels readers a very happy Christmas (those that celebrate) and a peaceful New Year.

It rhymes, so 2008 is bound to be GREAT! Optimism abounds.

God bless you.

Love, Virginia x

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