Friday, 8 February 2008

A touch of anthropomorphism

[Dictated by Lucy on Saturday, 26th January. Transcribed later!)

“Yap, yap!” (Jumping up, big smile on face, little tail wagging.)

“Hi friends. This is Lucy speaking and I’ve taken the reins here because, boy, do we need help (Mummy and me that is).

“You see, today is my birthday. I’m two years old today. And, apart from the first eight weeks of my life, I’ve spent all of that time here. And I’ve loved it. It’s been tough – there’s not much in the way of light and fresh air - but, most of all, it’s been happy. With happy, loving – at least with me! - people: Tom and Mummy. And, more importantly, plenty to eat. Most days are good.

“But today things are looking decidedly gloomy, so I’m turning to you guys to cheer Mummy and me up.

“As I say, today is my birthday and I think it would have been good (I over-heard whispers of presents and treats and a possible visit from Uncle Blob) but yesterday along came more bad news. Very bad news. The ‘Mum-can’t-cope’ sort of bad news. And the type that causes the stress for spasms. I’m worried.

“Builders are on their way!

“Now I know poor Mum had three years on a building-site [council “Regeneration” (see Comment Column and MS –My Scene)] at the last place, before I was born. And she was moved here (a bit late) to get away from all that, as well as to gain wheelchair access.

“The Occupational Therapist (O.T.) told her then – 2003 - that this place was not due to have any work done (it had obviously been double-glazed and decorated not long before and O.T. added a new bathroom with walk-in shower, and ramps. It didn’t seem likely.). So Mum relaxed (apart from the spiders but we’ll leave them for other posts – they don’t bother me too much!).

“Yet, during the last year the flat went from being council-owned to being owned and run by the “Community” (as a Registered Social Landlord – RSL). And it is planning ‘improvements’ to take place over the next five years.

“Ergo (I hear words like that round here and, being a poodle, learn them very quickly), Mummy is beside herself.

“With Tom on his way out – boxes everywhere, says (coldly) he’ll go next week – she is kind-of stuck.

“Should we still try for live-in care?

“Should Mum put in for another transfer? (I don’t think she’s strong enough to move again – not at all physically, and mentally she’s too exhausted to even think about it.)

“Or, should she go into a Care Home (as Tom seems to think best!)?

“Well, I’m looking at her now. She’s writing and I’m lying in my igloo-bed dictating this (!) but mostly waiting for my party to begin.

“And I can tell she’s cheerful enough, so maybe it’ll be all right. Maybe she’s right and the Lord will provide...

“And I just want to thank you guys for being there, for being friends and for listening – she’d be more lost without you.

“Hey, why don’t you come along to the party? Bow-wow! That’d be good.

“Love and licks,
PARASIENTA LUCIA (my Kennel Club name – well, I should seize the moment!) aka


thepowerguides said...

Well Lucy your mum is one lucky lady with a companion like you to keep her company , I am sure your mum will find the right way to handle this when she takes a little time to think about all the pros and cons of moving again , but if you are both happy where you are let the noise and the aggravation pass you by and try to ignore it


Virginia Phillips said...

Hi Steve,

for some reason Blogger didn't notify us of your message and we only just found it. Thank you.

You're right, you know. That is what we must do - stick it out here and hope for better times. As long as we can blog and have friends like you we'll be all right.

It was great hearing from you.

Love, Lucy and Virginia

daffy said...

Hello Lucy, I came over having being directed here from your mums latest post. :o) Before I start properly let me just mention that if there are any really bad spelling errors or words joined to gether without spacing, please excuse. I'll tell you why. I'm a mummy to two teenage children ( no dogs now) and I see them on the pc, with legs swung over the chair arm and the keyboard on their lap... Me being me, well, I'm trying it out! Trying to be hip and cool! :o)
OK, I've only visited you and your mum once or twice before so I'm just catching up on things. I take it mum has a problem with spiders and an allergy to perfume. The spiders I can relate to. :o)
I think your mum and you will get through this difficult time. I bet she is pleased she has you for companionship and to listen to her. (My human children don't listen so well...)
Keep on doing what you are doing Lucy because I think it helps your mum more than you could know.
Write again soon.
Oh and funnily enough, I found you and your mum through Power Guides. :o) What a coincidence.
Keep on keeping on.
love daffy (Tracey)

Virginia Phillips said...

Hi Daffy,

Lucy here. Mummy and I loved reading this message, it's funny and encouraging: "Keep on keeping on." Yeah, we will. Thank you.

We've also been enjoying your blog - what a great family.

Love to all,

Lucy and Virginia xx