Sunday, 21 October 2007

In search of the end of the day

[Subtitle - as it should have been to be true to Steinbeck!]

Steinbeck subtitled Travels with Charley, ‘In Search of America’.

Well, not for Lucy and me such grandiose ambitions. Oh no. Not for me a middle-aged frustration and rebellion against the end of my life. I’m content.

No, all we ask is to get from the beginning to the end of the day, without too much to contend with: no serious mishap or calamity to befall us (a tall order given that I’m falling about all over the place with MS and Lucy depends entirely on me!).

That, and for me to be able to do something, by God’s will, for somebody else. Even, as often, without seeing or speaking to another human being.

I thought the only way was through prayer.

But now we have blogging!

And suddenly the world has opened up. We can - in theory - talk to anyone. Anywhere.

Oh, just imagine bringing a smile to someone’s face through something you write. Or maybe helping, by example, with some annoying problem.

So, this is ‘where I’ve been’ (see ‘Intro.’ to this blog) - getting to know how to blog (which meant learning how to use the Internet first!). And it’s taken ages to get this far.

But I seem to have time – praise God!

And thank you Blogger, Google, Bill Gates et al. Lucy is especially grateful for a wider audience - more people to love and amuse!

At the end of the day I thank God for getting us there. And also for my lap-top and the ability to use it. (In this society where family is less tolerant of the infirm we need this virtual interaction!)

Then I lay down the cross of my physical suffering at the foot of Calvary.

It’s what our Lord asked us to do (Luke 9:23). And there’s a peace in that.


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